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Cie les Invendus

mouvements jonglés
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From and by : Guillaume Cachera and Nicolas Paumier

Outside looks :Cécile rutten, Johan Swartvagher and Guillaume Martinet

Sound creation: Francois Colleaux

Lighting director: Julien Guenoux and Maxime Salaun

The influence of a person, a movement, an object, a direction...

Our language, juggled movement is based on the relationship of the body to juggling and juggling to the body.


It has a story, an emotion, a journey, a sensation, linked to our complicity, our relationship in perpetual evolution. We search, we explore, we advance in this journey where bodies speak and respond to each other. Choreographed and in the game, dreamlike, explosive and repeated, the movement carries us and engages us physically until the exhaustion of the bodies... To get back to basics, almost nothing. ​


Juggling is our outlet, an expression, a connection to what makes us exist, vibrate. Feel alive and in touch with all odds. ​


Beyond bodily expression, it is a human relationship carried and influenced by the other that is played out in space. ​


A poetic, sensitive and humane universe!

45 min

Inside and outside

For everybody

Credit photo: Tanguy Marchand


Drac Bretagne

Carré Magique - Pôle National des arts du cirque

La cité du cirque - le mans

Le fourneau - Brest

Le trio...S - Scène de territoire pour les arts du cirque

L’Hermine – Scène de territoire pour la danse – Sarzeau – Golfe du Morbihan Vannes Agglomération


Centre Culturel de Graine de Sel - Séné

Le Dôme de St Avé

La Loggia

Centre Culturel Juliette Drouet- Fougères Agglomération

Rue des arts - Moulin

L’asphodèle a Questembert

Transfert a  Rezé

Association Bigornot

Ploermel Communauté

Baud - centre morbihan communauté

les soutiens et aide a la résidence:

Les ateliers Frappaz - CNAR - Villeurbanne

Le Channel, Scene National de Calais

Ay-Roop - Scène de territoire pour les arts de la piste

La cascade - Pôle National des arts du Cirque

Theatre rexy - Riom

Théâtre des arts vivants - La cimenterie theix

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