mouvements jonglés

• The Company • 

Created in 2016, the company is the fruit of a long collaboration. Our friendship, enriched by many trips abroad, where we shared and developed our common passion:



We have created various shows of short and long forms in France, Europe and South America.  

To this relational dynamic has been added the will to improve and deepen our knowledge, both technical and theoretical, through professional training. These multiple experiences now nourish our work, our desire for expression.  

A springtime creation and a summer tour allowed us to confirm our technical language:

the juggled movement.

Through this two-person work and the questioning essential to its evolution, we question the human relationship: the other as an indispensable partner for self-realization.  

Today, we do not need to talk to understand each other anymore!


This duo is for us an obvious and we wish more than anything to share with our audience moments of humor, bearers of sense and generators of emotions.

Guillaume Cachera


Nicolas Paumier


Francois Colleaux alias iOta


Cristobal Roussier 

Evan Bourdin

Régisseur Lumières

la   FAAAC J: Formation alternative et autogérée aux arts de la création et du jonglage.