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Cie les Invendus

mouvements jonglés
Ancre 1
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Ancre 2

accroche-toi si tu peux (Hang in there if you can)

From and by: Nicolas Paumier and Guillaume Cachera

Outside looks: Johan Swartvagher, Guillaume Martinet, Maximes Sales

Sound creation: Francois Colleaux

Lighting director: Cristobal Rossier



It is a journey of juggling movements, physically engaged, where loneliness mingles with the unleashing and complicity with the absurd. They support each other, accompany each other, get lost, fall ... Always together. The game is cultivated, it maintains the relationship. Bullets are mediators of their exchanges. They temporize, animate, bind and enveniment.


Creation released on April 2017

More information by downloading the artistic file.

45 min

Inside and outside

For everybody

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